Les Rav Killin it at Mohawk

IMG 7670
It’s fun to watch a project grow right before your eyes (both musically and in it’s following). Such is the case with Lauren Bruno and her new project Les Rav. It wasn’t too long ago that I sat in Lauren’s room and listened to her hammering away on an old piano as she worked through some new songs she was writing. Tuesday night I stood and watched Lauren play those same songs to a packed house at Mohawk with an outstanding backing band (which included good friend and killer bass player Kyle Clayton). Les Rav made their way through an energetic and playful set which turned into an onstage dance party. With a healthy blend of uplifting lyrics and an energetic stage performance, it’s hard to watch Les Rav without smiling.
If you haven’t checked Les Rav out yet, do yourself a favor and get out to a show… I promise you’ll have fun.

Here are a few more pics from the show.
IMG 7640

IMG 7633 IMG 7641 IMG 7663